Princess Charlotte Will Influence Store Sales In These 5 Ways, Because She's Bound To Be As Stylish As Her Mother

Sugar and spice can and will be a retail boon in England! The British economy and fashion landscape can expect quite an uptick and a whole new sphere of fashion influence due to last weekend's royal (and seemingly messianic) birth of Charlotte, who will influence the British economy since people generally get more excited about baby fashion during "event" births.

According to a particularly eye-opening Business of Fashion report, Kate Middleton and William's second child and first daughter will provide a long-lasting boost. Charlotte is only focusing on eating and pooping right now, but she's being set up as a style influencer because that's how society operates.

Insiders note that while people went gaga over that cutie pie George since he is first in line to ascend the throne, Charlotte will receive the same type attention for attire that her mother does and that her late grandmother Prince Diana, one of the most revered style icons ever, did.

Poor Charlie! She isn't even a week old and all this socioeconomic pressure is placed at the foot of her basinet... although I am fairly sure she will be able to handle the drama that comes along with being a royal. But if she turns out to be a rebel, well, hey, at least she has the Lorde song to sing.


Her reach will be global, too, since the fascination with the monarchy isn’t solely a British trend. Americans also love watching what Kate and co. are doing and wearing, but it's anti-Kardashianism. It's about the highest of the high, not the lowest common denominator.

Here's how Charlotte's birth will ripple through the economy in basic ways.

1. Fashion First


Charlotte will influence not only baby items like christening gowns and toys, but other female fashion stuff for a slightly older girl. It's inevitable. Princess Fashion is going to take over and it starts NOW.

2. The Long Haul


Charlotte's big brother George boosted the economy by $368million (USD), according to BoF, and while Charlotte will provide a smaller financial lift in the short-term, due to the order of her birth, she is expected to provide a long-term influence as a female millennial birth. Plus, everyone loves a princess. Look at the booming Disney business of Cinderella down to Frozen's Anna! But what Charlotte wears will make blogs and print publications with no less than daily frequency.

3. The Charlotte Effect


Fans and monarchy lovers will want to copy Charlotte, with their own children and perhaps their own looks as she gets older. She will influence throughout her life. Everything she has or wears, from blankets to binkies to bespoke bonnets, will be scrutinized and will be co-opted at mass.

4. The Kate Middleton Factor


Kate Middleton's style is impeccable, even more flawless than that of Beyonce. Have you ever seen her stumble with an ensemble? Never. So expect her to dress her baby girl similarly. And that's a good thing.

5. She Has Diana's Genes


Princess Di perished in a 1997 car accident and you might be a bit young to remember her, but she was one of the most revered and most photographed women in the world, and her style was up there with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn in terms of classic. Charlotte has Di's DNA and therefore her fashion genes.

The future is of course the variable with how Charlotte will influence style and fashion (and the economy) as she develops her personal style. But with Kate and Diana as her icons, well, the future is looking good.

But for now, how about we let little Charlotte sleep and suckle for another couple days before all these social implications are placed on her shoulders? Thanks!

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