On Sunday, Nov. 3, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is set to return and we can hardly contain ourselves. We genuinely love the ladies, especially our longtime favorite NeNe Leakes. Even though she's been on Glee, The New Normal, and I Dream of NeNe, she's at her best on RHOA, where she never holds back. Besides, we don't think we could handle the hot mess that is Kenya Moore – or for that matter the maddeningly, almost aggressively chipper Porsha – without a healthy dose of NeNe's no-nonsense real talk.

In fact, we're happy that The New Normal was cancelled, even though it diminished our dosage of Andrew Rannells to dangerously unhealthy levels, because it gives NeNe time to focus on planning exotic voyages for the rest of the Atlanta housewives, all of which inevitably lead to chaos, drama, tears, and ultimately, reconciliation. Cape Town, anyone?

But perhaps what we love most about Miss Leakes is that unlike the other housewives who frequently yammer on, this woman knows the value of a soundbite, and is easily the most quotable reality television star in history. How could anyone forget classics like "Close your legs to married men," "I'm rich, bitch," or "I don't keep up with Joneses, I am the Joneses"?

So in celebration of NeNe's return to RHOA after casting her starlight on I Dream of NeNe and remarrying her former husband, Greg Leakes, we present to you the best NeNe Leakes gifs. First thing's first, we have to start with the classic NeNe catchphrase.

What's more classic NeNe than keeping it real? If you make her angry, she'll show you how real.

And you know what, even though she loses her temper, she's still got a strong moral code.

Plus, she's all about embracing who you truly are.

After all, she knows who she is, which is of course, a fabulous woman.

So fabulous, that she's not afraid of the haters out there.

And when they do get to her, she deals with them in the most appropriate ways.

Oh yes, NeNe Leakes is the queen, and it breaks our heart any time we hear her say: