9 Fashionable Men On Instagram To Follow For Some Really Rad Fashion Inspo (And You Know, For Swooning Purposes)

Being something of a fashionista, I'm constantly looking for fashion inspiration from other bloggers and fellow Instagramers. But being such a fan of all things sartorial, my interest doesn't lie in women's fashion alone, which is precisely why following fashionable and stylish men on Instagram is equally a must.

The Age of the Selfie is upon us, and I ain't mad at it. I happen to be one of those people who loves to see pictures of your fresh face, or your on fleek makeup job, or your killer outfit of the day (#ootd b*tches!). I appreciate people's own sense of style and self-expression, and nothing inspires me more than a visual parade of fabulousness on my Instagram feed. And although I follow some seriously fierce women with an on-point sense of style, sometimes a girl needs a little somethin-somethin' in the way of manspiration as well, you know?

Men's fashion has come a long way, and these days, in the aforementioned Age of the Selfie, men all over the world are embracing their fashionable sides and diving into the universe of personal style, being a lot more bold, playful, and expressive with their sense of dress. And what's even more brilliant is that these dudes are also starting to embrace the #ootd and the selfie (I LOVE IT). So whether you're craving images of some seriously sweet suits, killer street style, a rugged, tattooed muse, or simply some majestic beards and man-buns, let's take a look at nine 'grams to follow for some rad men's fashion inspiration:

1. Ashleytisdick

Style knows no boundaries, and neither does he. Embracing and indulging in fashion, hair, and makeup/beauty, this guy's creativity and street style is on point.


2. Colinmathurajeffree

Colin is a Prince of Style, "well dressed" being an understatement. Always looking handsome, suave, and fashion-forward, Colin is sure to inspire anyone with his perfect sense of style. Oh, and he just so happens to be a judge on New Zealand's Next Top Model, so there's that.


3. Mensfashions

This is a general account for men's fashion inspiration, featuring lots of sweet suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories.


4. Aligordon89

Men's nutrition and fitness fused with FASHION.


5. MylesSexton

This model, MUA, stylist, and designer from Toronto, Canada takes men's high-fashion to a whole new edgy, gorgeous, brilliant fantasy-like level. If you want to be continuously awed, wowed, and inspired, following Myles is a must.


6. Brockohurn

Follow this account if only for the glorious hair and majestic man buns. Once the dazzle has worn off, you'll notice a pretty inviting sense of style going on there, too (shirts always being optional).


7. Spizoiky

You can pretty much sum up this account in four words: tattooed viking fashion king. Josh Mario John manages to take a rugged, tattooed, viking-esque look and combine it with a variety of styles, all resulting in absolute fashion magic and brilliance.


8. Itsashstymest

A little prep, a little rock, and a little punk. The meshing of all these styles on Ash Stymest is absolutely glorious.


9. Lirimore

Suits, scarves, and floral print have never looked better.


Images: ashleytisdick, colinmathurajeffree, mensfashions, aligordon89, mylessexton, brockohurn, spizoiky, itsashstymest, lirimore/Instagram