Jax's Song Choices For 'American Idol' Top 3 Prove She Could Be The Next Pop Punk Queen

One of the side effects of staying at your mom's house during peak reality show season is that you will get addicted to American Idol again. I now count myself as one of the millions of people watching some young unknowns become the next big thing. This season is nearing its end and we are already in the hometown week, where the top four contestants go back home and play for their friends, family, and new fans. On Wednesday night, each of the contestants will have a chance to sing three songs — one of their own choosing (or, the hometown pick) and two by the judges. One of the fans' favorites and the only remaining female, Jax, has revealed her three songs for the live show and they are actually perfect for her.

Last week, Jax showed a bit of her softer side, choosing to sing two ballads and in my opinion, totally killing her version of Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind." But since the beginning of the competition, Jax has stood out for her rockstar edge and that is when the timbre of her voice truly shines. It was revealed that Jax sang Evanescence's "My Immortal" as her hometown pick, in honor of a friend of hers who was killed in a car accident.

Jax's voice is a little rougher than singer Amy Lee's in the original version, and the judges have commended her in the past when she performs with the piano so I think the choice will add the perfect emotional element to the live show. Jax chose a song that has a deep meaning for her but also is showcasing her vocal vulnerability at the right moment. Over the weekend, she took to her Twitter again to have her fans make guesses for her next two songs, which were chosen by the judges and Scott Borchetta.

I was super stoked to hear that Borchetta chose The Who's "My Generation" for Jax to perform because his approval shows that she has the goods to take on such a legendary rock n'roll track. This is not something you just entrust to any contestant. The song is actually a little similar to Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" which she performed two weeks ago, taking complete charge of the stage and letting her rockstar flag fly. Also, the think the lyrics to "My Generation" are totally fitting for Jax, who has been one of the most unique contestants this year in style and personality, and has gained a huge following from loads of young people who feel just the same.

Her final song pick proves also that the judges have a clear trajectory for Jax's career and believe she will be able to hold her own with some of the best pop/rock vocalists out right now. "Misery Business" by Paramore was pretty much tailor made for Jax's voice and persona, and when I imagine her singing this song, I can see her making Hayley Williams very proud. She has cited Williams as one of her biggest inspirations and Jax is already making her own waves by carving out a spot for herself in this world.

These song choices show that while Jax might be young, she knows (and now, everyone knows) the exact vision of the kind of artist she wants to be and she has remained true to herself throughout the process. She shared with her local publication, My Central Jersey, at her homecoming show this past weekend,

The most amazing thing I heard back home during the parade was, "You really have inspired me to be me"... American Idol has changed everything for me. It has given me the opportunity to touch people with music... I want people to know that I am real and that I am honest. And that I am just as human as they are. Through art, I want everybody to connect with me. I want people to know that weird is OK — it's beautiful. Different is OK. I want everybody to just be themselves and embrace themselves.

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