Where Are Matt & Kim From 'Catfish' Season 1 Now? He's Been Sharing His Joy Online

Remember the old days, when Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph weren't so cynical and the couples they helped meet each other weren't necessarily up to something sinister behind the scenes? Now that the MTV show is a hit, everyone knows what it means when they get a phone call from a dude named Nev. It's a bummer, and even though I'm still loving the show in its fourth season, it's easy to miss the simplicity of Season 1. A couple that has always stood out to me from back then was Matt and Kim, and even though their relationship didn't work out when they met, they had a pretty sweet story. So what's going on today with Matt and Kim from Catfish ?

But first, let's back track a little. In case you don't remember them, Matt and Kim spent more than a decade talking and being there for each other, and every time Kim wanted to meet Matt, he'd come up with an excuse. Classic Catfish, right? Until they met, I expected the absolute worst, but once they came face to face, we found out what the hold up had been: Matt was exactly who he said he was, he just didn't want Kim to know that he had gained weight over the course of their relationship. And since we was unhappy with his weight, he wanted to wait to meet Kim until he was more comfortable with what he looked like. But he was every bit the sweet guy Kim knew and had fallen in love with.

Unfortunately, they revealed on the reunion at the end of the season that a romantic relationship never transpired between them, mostly because Kim was still trying to cope with the fact that one of her exes had committed suicide. The good news? Even though they're no longer together, they both seem happy — at least, as far as their social media accounts go.

Matt's Twitter bio explains that he and Kim "still talk," and his recent tweets and Instagram posts suggest that he's been keeping pretty busy lately, learning to cook and playing a lot of ping pong and tennis. In 2014, Starcasm also reported that Matt had lost 270 pounds since appearing on Catfish, so hopefully he is more comfortable with himself now.

As for Kim? She's not too active on social media, since she hasn't tweeted in two years — a kind of self control I have never been able to possess.

I'm glad everything turned out OK for Matt, though. He definitely deserves it — even if he and Kim decided they didn't want to live Catfish happily ever after.

Image: MTV