12 Fashionable Jabots Ruth Bader Ginsburg Needs to Add to Her Collection

As from her badass status in the courtroom, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's jabots collection is probably her biggest claim to fame.These fancy collars add polish and interest to the otherwise boring black robes worn by the Supreme Court Justices. As the second woman ever to be awarded a seat as a Supreme Court Justice, Ginsburg has proven herself to be a powerhouse, and, as we all know, with power comes great responsibility to accessorize. And, honestly, I would like to commend Ginsburg on having the confidence to accessorize in the courtroom. Instead trying to fit in with the world of men, she expresses her felinity through wearing these jabots. Who run the world? Y'all know it's girls.

Last summer, Ginsburg spoke to Kate Couric about her jabot collection in an exclusive interview with Yahoo News. Ginsburg allowed Couric to see inside the Justice's impressive international collection of collars. From South Africa to New York, the Supreme Court Justice has proven that she will travel for good accessories.

However, you can never really have too many accessories, right? While Ginsburg has some beautiful pieces, I think I've found a few contenders to join the collection. Here is a round-up of beautiful and fashionable jabots, all of which can be found on Etsy.

1. White Filigree

This lazer-cut collar keeps with Ginsburg's traditional, lacy look while adding a modern flare.

2. Pink Twist

Similar to Ginsburg's favorite white, woven collar, this jabot will add a little more life to her traditional black robes.

3. Fashion Forward

With a powerful collar like this, all eyes will be on the Supreme Court Justice.

4. Daring Jabot

This is a very daring fringe and gold chain jabot that would absolutely stun the courtroom.

5. White Ruffles

This white ruffled collar epitomizes elegance and class. This aristocratic collar would add a powerful aura to an already powerful woman.

6. Modern Pearls

Who said jabots had to be boring? Sterling silver and pearls make this collar look regal and polished.

7. Classic Pearl Bib

This elegant pearl collar is a showstopper. No one will question who is in charge once they glimpse these beautiful pearls.

8. Floral Peter Pan

This classic style would look elegant and feminine against Ginsburg's black robes.

9. Gold Details

RBG seems to be a fan of gold details. This collar is beautiful statement piece that isn't too overpowering.

10. Old School

This one is a personal favorite of mine. Look how cool it is! Only a Supreme Court Justice as fierce as RBG could pull off such an aristocratic look.

11. Bright Florals

Let's ring in the warm weather with some bright florals.

12. Simple Elegance

This is just so darn cute. The roses! The crochet! I wonder if RBG would approve?

Images: Etsy.com (12); Getty Images (1)