Girl Wearing A Horse Mask Hilariously Fails To Take A Selfie, And It Is Actually An Unintentionally Deep Commentary On Selfies — VIDEO

Selfies have become so entrenched in our social and interpersonal interactions that we take them for granted. Even I find it hard to recall what life was like before the selfie, and I was a teenager in the late '90s. I can't even imagine what it's like for someone slightly younger, who exists in a world where "selfie" was a word even their parents knew. Or for the next generation, who will no doubt learn to selfie before they learn to walk. This girl tries to take a selfie of herself while wearing a horse mask at a Kentucky Derby event in what I can only assume is a drunken attempt.

Stumbling about, trying to get the right angle, arms as awkward as Taylor Swift dancing to rap music at an awards show, this girl is inadvertently saying a lot about our selfie culture. Namely, that we ALL look like horse mask wearing drunk girls flailing about desperately when trying to take photos of ourselves. That's some unintentionally deep shit right there. In our scramble to define ourselves by our image, and to propagate that image into the world, we're like the blind leading the blind. And now this woman has made us literally blind because she can't see through her horse mask. Watcher her fumble through her selfie below:

Nicholas Reasner on YouTube

Meanwhile, because this is just so absurd and weird, here are more horse mask selfies, which terrifyingly seems to be some kind of selfie trend (although until Kim Kardashian does it, I don't think that's official):

1. This horse mask + pizza selfie

2. This uncomfortably coquettish horse mask selfie

3. This horrifying, rotting flesh horse mask selfie

4. This even more horrifying horse mask with some other kind of animal mask selfie

5. This rare unicorn selfie

6. This poor dog wearing a horse mask selfie

You're welcome...?