11 Creative Couples Tattoos You Won't Regret

by Jen Marie

The permanence of tattoos isn't to be taken lightly. So, even the most romantic couples tend to think twice before committing to shared ink, to ensure they don't celebrate their love with a regrettable couples tattoo. And let's be honest, even with the best of intentions, there have still been some pretty big mistakes made. My personal favorite fails are the couples jigsaw puzzle tattoos that wouldn't even fit together and the giant heart tattoo that spans the pair's bodies, only discernible as a shape when they're hugging. But luckily, for ink lovers yearning for an enduring way to signify their bond, there are some really sweet, creative couples tattoos out there that are unlikely to leave you with the twinge of regret.

When it comes to tattoo selection, keeping longevity in mind is key. Finding the right style and tattoo artist are paramount if you want to ensure you'll love your art for a lifetime. You'll probably want to select imagery that's classic, which often translates to simple, design oriented, or cultural in some way. But, you'll also want your ink to reflect your personal flair, and remind you of pastimes or preferences that have been significant in your life (like the classy little bell tattoo Dax Shepard got to honor Kristen Bell). Which is why video game themed couples tattoos are actually pretty great — not only are they often lighthearted and fun, but they represent your shared enjoyment of something that's been significant to the both of you individually.

And that's the key to a successful couples tattoo. You're going to want a design that's meaningful to you both as a unit, and separately as individuals. Having a piece that can stand alone means you'll enjoy it forever — even if the unthinkable should occur, and life separates the two of you. Because looking at a set of tattoos on your fingers that reads sumt or olae when your soulmate just broke up with you could be pretty depressing.

That being said, I'm all for the idea of sharing matching tattoos with friends and loved ones. And while none of my four tattoos are shared with a significant other, I know I'll be looking to invest in one when the time is right. So, without further ado, here is a collection of creative couples tattoos that you won't regret committing to.

1. Seasonal Moons

These exquisite tattoos have a lot going for them. Not only are they of a matching Native American theme, which symbolizes the couple's unity, but they represent each individual through the unique seasonal moon symbol for the month of their birth.

2. Mandalas

Having matching mandalas tattooed between you and your partner can be a wonderful way of expressing your spiritual side or recognizing that you endeavor to create a sacred space within your relationship. Mandalas signify the cosmos, are visually mesmerizing, and incredibly artistic.

3. Geometric Sleeves

Like any sleeve, these take quite a bit of commitment. You have to be bold, and you have to live a lifestyle where having easily visible ink isn't going to hinder your ability to make a buck. But these bold, geometric themed but entirely unique sleeves would be a great way to tip your hat to your relationship, while still retaining your individuality.

4. Shared Sacred Geometry

Another variation on geometric tattoos (which are both hugely in style right now, and wonderfully classic pieces of artwork) are those that feature sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is based off of the mathematical principals found in nature, and is regularly featured in spiritual and religious artwork and architecture. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci used it in his creation of the Vitruvian Man. If you're looking for a shared tattoo that will stand the test of time, these designs are an excellent place to start.

5. The Same, But Different

Whether you're an opposites attract couple, or so similar it's scary, keeping in mind the different strengths you each bring to the relationship will only serve to strengthen your bond. Getting a couples tattoo that reflects those differences yet serves as a reminder that you're working together in love is a great way to celebrate each other. Plus, those elephants are super cute!

6. Light And Color

This couples tattoo tickles my artistic fancy in all the right ways. These simple designs signify the way a single concept such as color can have many facets and can vary depending on its expression, just like love.

7. Design Driven

Sometimes choosing an abstract design is the best route when it comes to matching tattoos. And while not all couples tattoos are matching or mirrored, having a design that uses symmetry is a nice way of reflecting the balance you hope to achieve in your relationship.

8. Good Vibes

Sharing a positive message with the one you love is a great way to stay close to one another, and keep happiness in the forefront of your relationship.

9. Guiding Lines

I love the idea of using compasses as a couples tattoo. Again, these designs leave room for individual style and interpretation, but the symbolism is pretty lovely.

10. Sugary Sweet

There's no way around it, sugar skulls are sweet. With their rich cultural heritage, they're kind of a neat way to signify your intent to love each other long into the future. Not to mention the fact that they look great on your fingers with your hands clasped together, but you can still rock one on your own.

11. Shared Interests

That's right, I'm making room for the media inspired couples tattoos. While they may not be entirely original, they stand for the things we've enjoyed together, and can be a good reminder on days when we feel like we've lost our common ground.

There you have it: A few creative couples tattoos that go beyond the norm of keys and locks or simple heart outlines. Because while those pieces are great, you may be looking to be a little more adventurous with your love ink, without risking major regret.

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