12 American Brands That Design And Produce Clothing In The U.S. For A Little Dose Of Healthy Patriotism And Fair Fashion

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If you're anything like me, John Oliver's recent Last Week Tonight segment on fashion production made you double check all your clothing tags and ask yourself when the last time you bought clothing made in the U.S. from a conscious, honest retailer actually was. Personally, I usually pay no mind to clothing labels, admittedly not really taking the time to figure out where my clothes get made.

To be honest, the idea that fashion is actually made in America rarely crosses my mind. I, like the hoards of the American public, buy into fast fashion, trying my best to purchase trendy pieces at low costs — and understandably so.

On the surface, it just doesn't make sense to spend a ton of money for, say, a romper you'll wear for maybe three months tops when it's available for cheap at a large chain store. But as the Last Week Tonight clip and innumerable in-depth articles demonstrate, if consumers just slightly scratch through the cheap-and-chic sheen, incredibly problematic employment and basic human rights violations of hundreds of thousands of workers across the world shine through.

To learn more about that, I point you in the direction of the Last Week Tonight segment and written pieces like this 2013 Slate exposé. But here I hope to talk a bit about the three percent of brands that are manufacturing a large chunk, if not the entirety, of their products in the United States. Certainly, "buying American" doesn't solve every problem, nor should you ever limit yourself to only buying products from your home country, obviously, but the brands doing it right provide a shining example of fair fashion and are definitely worth noting.

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