Channel Taylor Swift Style With These 13 Initialed Jewelry Items — Because What Better Way To Show Self Love?

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Coordinated sets, pork pie hats, and knee-high socks are just a few of the trends that Taylor Swift is so famous for. While out on tour, Taylor was spotted wearing a signature S and T necklace, and I am willing to bet that initials jewelry á la T. Swift will be fashion's next big thing. Since I can’t really rock the pork pie, and co-ord sets tend to be a bit pricey, I am pretty excited about the newest Taylor Swift initial necklace trend.

Initial necklaces have always been a favorite of mine. They add an authentic touch to any outfit, whether jeans and tee or a little black dress. While I already own a classic initial pendant, I can’t wait to buy a few more to give away as gifts. After all, personalized gifts are always thoughtful, and with Mother’s Day around the corner I might just have to get one for my mom!

Whether you are looking for a special gift or celebrating yourself with an initial necklace of your own, click through the slideshow to see some of the best initial necklaces inspired by T. Swift herself.

Image: taylorswift/Instagram

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