Louis & Zayn Need To Make Up ASAP

One Directioners just can't seem to catch a break! In case you haven't heard, former band member Zayn Malik is feuding with Louis Tomlinson, one of his former bandmates. Malik's new producer, Naughty Boy, taunted One Direction on Twitter with a snapshot of himself with Malik and the caption "Replace this." Tomlinson fired back, and sadly, it looks like Malik has sided with Naughty Boy.

This is not the first time things have seemed amiss between the two British pop stars. Tomlinson fought with Naughty Boy before on Twitter back in March, after the producer advertised his collaboration with Malik not long after he announced his departure from the band. Though Malik did not get involved in that fight, he did not exactly defend Tomlinson either. On top of that, Naughty Boy dropped Malik's first solo single that same day, adding salt to the wound.

And now, there is no question about where Malik's current loyalties lie. After Tomlinson criticized the photo quality of the Malik/Naughty Boy shot, Malik replied to Tomlinson, “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?” He also retweeted the photo of himself and Naughty Boy.

It's really a shame that the two former bandmates are feuding. Just because they had creative differences does not necessarily mean that it has to be war. Fans of both Malik and Tomlinson probably just want both singers to be happy and to get along. And why not? Below is a round up of just a few reasons why Tomlinson and Malik should have made up, like, yesterday.

They made no secret about being BFFs

In this video from 2013, Malik was asked to draw a sketch of his favorite fellow member of the band. Guess who he immediately started drawing?

They've grown as artists together

No one's perfect, after all! As seen in this footage, both Tomlinson and Malik made the same mistake together of forgetting lyrics to their own song "Stockholm Syndrome" while onstage. Awkward! But in a sort of sweet way, it shows them experiencing growing pains together.

They had some great laughs along the way

Above is a funny video of Tomlinson prank calling Malik back in 2010 on a webcam and pretending to be a crazed fangirl. Though Malik didn't find the joke nearly as amusing as Tomlinson did, it's pretty cool that he immediately knew who it was!

And here is a video of the two then-buds dancing together in the car back in 2012, for good measure. Not only do they know how to make road trips fun, they are also incredibly in sync with their car dance moves! Now that's impressiveandshows that they really had the makings of true best friends.

They made beautiful music together

How could they forget memories from moments like this? Even if they don't move forward together, they at least have to cherish the times that they did spend together a little bit. They are part of one another's rise to fame and might not have even made it this far without each other. Hopefully they remember that!