Will 'Criminal Minds' Season 11 Happen? Here's What Fans Can Hope For If The BAU Returns

There are a handful of shows that I assume will never end. Criminal Minds is definitely one of those shows. It's on all the time on networks that show it in syndication, it has new episodes on CBS, and (AND) it's on Netflix, and yes, I watch it from every single one of those outlets. So it's basically on 24/7 in my house, which really sets a fun mood. But when I learned that Criminal Minds Season 11 hasn't been announced yet, I almost called the real BAU to get down to the bottom of this mystery. Will Criminal Minds be renewed? [UPDATE: Deadline reports that Criminal Minds will return Sep. 30.]

I'm no Penelope Garcia, but I do know my way around the Internet. Criminal Minds has not been renewed as of May 6, but there are hints that it's not going anywhere. First, showrunner, Erica Messer, has said she is "hopeful" for a renewal, which isn't the most convincing, but I'll take it. If the show returns for an eleventh season, we can expect it to premiere in the end of September or early October with the rest of the fall premieres. We can also expect there to be some changes to the plot. Here's what we might see if the BAU returns in the fall.

We Might Not See The Same Faces

I wouldn't worry too much about this, but six cast members have contract negotiations after this season. While things could take a turn for the worse, it doesn't seem to be something the showrunner is worried about.

Reid Might Find Love

YAY for Spencer! After his heart was broken in Season 8 when Maeve was killed, I wondered if the show would ever let Spencer find love, and it looks like Season 11 could be his time. According to TVLine, Messer said that Reid's love life was "something that we can explore next season," which not only sounds promising for Reid, but also fans of the show who are worried about a renewal.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Won't Be The Only Cast Member With An Incorporated Pregnancy

Cook announced her pregnancy a few months ago to fans, but the question remained if the show would incorporate her pregnancy. On the finale, JJ will announce that she is expecting — shortly after suffering a miscarriage — and we can surely expect that her pregnancy will be incorporated into Season 11. But JJ isn't the only profiler who is expecting. Kate — Jennifer Love Hewitt — is also expecting a baby on the show, and in real life. There is no word yet on how this will be effect an eleventh season.

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