11 TV Moms Who Are Fiercely Feminist

It's almost impossible not to fall in love with TV moms. They're kind and witty and always seem to know the right thing to say or do that can somehow fix any situation. However, as we immerse ourselves into more and more modern-day culture, these beloved matriarchs roles have transitioned into much more than doting housewives. Instead of being delicate, they've become determined; instead of being full of sugar and spice, they're full of sass and smarts; instead of being fragile, these TV moms have become fiercely feminist. Gone are the days where the men of the house are running the show. These women possess the strength and independence to take matters into their own hands, regardless of how dire the issue may be.

Female characters in general these days have proven they are quite the force to be reckoned with when push comes to shove. (Seriously, just try telling one of these ladies to be quiet and make you a sandwich. I dare you.) So you can imagine how unstoppable they become when you add the extra responsibility of motherhood into the equation. But who are these phenomenal TV mothers that I speak of? In honor of Mother's Day, I've taken the liberty of rounding up some of the most fiercely feminist TV moms that I've come to love and admire throughout the years. These women continue to help epitomize the age-old saying that Mother really does always knows best.

Lorelai Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

Let's start off with an obvious one, shall we? Lorelai is the ultimate independent mom. At the age of 16 she left home with her newborn baby girl and managed to make a pretty great life for herself without any financial assistance from her very rich parents. She's strong and confident and loves junk food and coffee like no other. Oh, and if anyone tries to mess with her daughter, well… let's just say God speed.

Cookie Lyon — Empire

She may have a sweet and sugary name, but don't let any of that fool you. Cookie is an absolute force of nature who doesn't let anything or anyone push her around. In fact, she's the one who'd probably be doing the pushing. In other words, don't mess with her. Just ask Boo Boo Kitty.

Mellie Grant — Scandal

Over these past few seasons in particular, viewers have come to understand just how much Mellie has had to endure throughout her lifetime. But instead of letting all of that tragedy and darkness eat her up, she's overcome all the obstacles and has even gotten back to pursuing her very own career aspirations. Sorry, Fitz, but your time is over. The Age of Mellie has only just begun.

Roseanne Conner — Roseanne

Roseanne Barr was a pioneer back when Roseanne first debuted. Determined not to have her character fall into the standard housewife niche, this Conner matriarch broke the mold and made you want to live at 714 Delaware Street, Lanford, Illinois.

Hayley Marshall — The Originals

Not only is she full of witty sarcasm, but she also never runs away from a fight — even when she's up against someone like Klaus, the most ruthless supernatural creature of all time. You may think you know what courage is, but all that's nothing compared to watching this hybrid in action.

Fiona Goode — American Horror Story: Coven

Jessica Lange's riveting portrayal of this New Orleans supreme witch became an instant character favorite that was just as fierce as she was fashionable. Sure, she may have been a terrible mother, but at the same time you could argue that she fought against the stereotypical idea of what it means to be maternal. And her daughter became all the more stronger for of it — eventually even becoming the new supreme. Not to mention that Fiona's relationship with Marie Laveau made for quite the dynamic female power team. They were ultimately unstoppable together. In fact, it was only when they became separated that they both met an untimely demise.

Leslie Knope — Parks and Recreation

There is seriously nothing that this woman cannot do. It doesn't matter if she had triplets or quintuplets, Leslie was a pro at establishing an ideal work-life balance. Her ambition, determination, and love of waffles were unparalleled and made us, as viewers, believe that anything can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. So thank you, Leslie. We love you and we like you.

Rayna Jaymes — Nashville

Rayna may be the queen of country music, but nothing is more important to this woman than protecting her family — her daughters, in particular. She is always there for them and has stood up to the media on more than one occasion when she's felt like they've taken things a step too far. Not to mention how she never lets any man back her into a corner, even the super shady Jeff Fordham. Suffice to say, you go girl!

Miranda Hobbs — Sex and the City

If there was anyone who knew how to deliver a line about girl power, it was Miranda. Sure, she believed in finding love and being happy. But she also believed in having a successful career and refused to be defined in any sort of stereotypical way. She was tough and intelligent and, well, pretty much amazing.

Daenerys Targaryen — Game of Thrones

Many of the characters on GoT find it hard to wrap their heads around the concept that a woman could properly rule the Seven Kingdoms instead of a man. But it's a challenge Dany has met with head on, proving that she not only has the brains to rule, but more courage than some of her bravest warriors. Plus, I think we can all agree that it doesn't get much fiercer than being the Mother of Dragons.

Jane Villanueva — Jane the Virgin

I know this is technically cheating since she's not really a mother just yet, but I think in Jane's case we can make an exception. This is a young woman who sticks by her morals even in the face of massive temptation (i.e. being constantly surrounded by super hot love interests). But she's never let any of them control her or change who she is. An admirable quality that I have no doubt she will pass on to her unborn child.

So hats off to you, ladies. Never change!

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