15 Unexpected Food Combinations that Shouldn't Work...But Do

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Superstar restaurateur and Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard got married last month, and the epic wedding cake was the star of the event: a layer of strawberry Nesquik-infused marble cake with bacon buttercream, topped by a layer of Cheez-It cake with peanut butter, chocolate ganache, and chocolate covered Cheez-Its.

While classic cake lovers will think this sounds like a pile of WTF, if you’re the kind of person who secretly mixes mustard pretzels into a pint of cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s (note to self: try that later), you just might be into it. Unexpected, sweet-meets-savory flavor combinations can be surprisingly delicious, and in honor of Izard's masterpiece, we bring you 15 creative and crazy food pairings that shouldn't work...but do. Now excuse me while I eat a peanut butter pickle sandwich.

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