15 Shirt Dresses That Are Work-Appropriate-Approved For A Slightly More Conservative Dress Code

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Chances are if you've been shopping recently, you've come across a casual t-shirt dress. But where are the work appropriate shirt dresses? Right in this lovely slideshow! I myself have been stocking up on this style of dress for my summer internship. IMO, it's the most delightful because it feels like a night shirt but is acceptable to wear to a slightly more formal work environment. Is there really anything better than that?

The shirt dress is the perfect spring/summer silhouette to slip on for a day at the office with no hassle. And the best thing about all of these dresses is that they can easily be worn to dinner with friends without looking like you've been pretending to type while secretly frequenting Facebook all day. Whether you choose to dress it up or down, it’s hard to make a wrong move.

So if you want to roll out of bed and put on something that rivals what you wore to sleep in the comfort department — while looking like a million buckaroos — look no further.

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