Jack Black's Equality Dance Is The Perfect Way To Elbow Closed-Minded "Oldies" Out Of The Way — VIDEO

You might not take Jack Black very seriously right now, but that will definitely change after you see him talk about civil rights. On Tuesday, while chatting with HuffPost Live, Jack Black promoted equality. Admittedly, I never knew he was so passionate about LGBT rights, but the fact that Black even has his own dance to go along with raising awareness about equality is pretty spectacular.

Black visited HuffPost Live to promote his new movie, The D Train , which also stars James Marsden. He got on the topic of equality, because he wanted to discuss how one of the characters in the comedy is bisexual. As for why Black brings up the bisexual character, it's because it's something that attracted him to the movie in the first place. Per Black, the character "ends up being a kick-ass hero," which is something the comedian wanted to be a part of.

That topic of conversation transitioned into the actor saying he wants "equality now" and that all the "oldies" — aka those who don't support LGBT rights — need to get out of the way. Not only are people of this generation more open-minded, but Black believes "it's a good time for civil rights."

As amazing as that is, Black also made up his own dance to go along with promoting equality, which involves elbowing the "oldies" out of the way. The dance isn't just a great way to raise awareness, but as Black puts it, it's also "the voice of a new generation." Guess it's time to try it out for yourself!