8 Amazing Pieces Of Advice From Grandmas

Who's the one person you can always turn to in times of worry, trouble, despair, or discouragement? Grandma, of course! Grandma's advice couldn't ever be beat — which is why, for Mother's Day, I rounded up some of the best gems grandmas have ever issued on the Internet. While each nugget of information may be different from the next, they are certainly all nuggets of gold. These kernels of wisdom cover just about everything you need to know when it comes to leading a happy and fulfilling life. From friendship and love to finances and style, these grandmas have your back.

If there's anyone worth listening to in your lifetime, it's those who have lived a lifetime already. Grandparents have seen so much more and experienced so much more than you have at this point in your life — after all, they are two generations ahead of you — and with extended time on this planet comes extended knowledge to share.

Now it's time to turn off the television, stop reading the magazines, and actually take some advice from women who have the authority to give it. Check out these amazing words of wisdom eight grandmothers have to offer — I promise it's worth the read!

1. Friendship

"People will forget how you look, but they'll never forget how you have made them feel." — Grandma Sue Sebastian

2. Love

"There's a difference between dedicating yourself to a man and losing yourself in him." — Grandma Glo

3. Education

"Work hard at school, because qualifications are the one thing that can't be taken from you." — Anonymous Grandma

4. Style

"Invest in quality pieces, they never go out of style." — Grandma Ruth

5. Behavior

"Nobody else controls you." — Anonymous Grandma

6. Perseverance

"Keep going and never give up." — Grandma Adrine Lee

7. Environment

"I don't like stress. I can't stand arguing. If anybody is fussing, I'm gone. I like to be around positive people, people who lift you up not bring you down." — Grandma Mary Cooper

8. Kindness

"Love people. Find something to like about the person — it's there — because we're all just people." — Grandma Lucille Boston Lewis

Images: Olga/Fotolia; Giphy (8)