Fur Protestors Invaded Kim Kardashian's 'Selfish' Book Signing, And She Totally Did Not Expect It

Kim Kardashian released Selfish yesterday, but that wasn't the only thing in the headlines about her book signing. While signing copies of Selfish at Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue in New York City, Kim K was bombarded by fur protestors who were escorted out, but kept on protesting outside, according to Complex. This isn't the first time Kim has been a target of anti-fur activists, however (remember when a woman from PETA threw flour on her in 2012?)

According to ET, protestors inside Barnes & Noble waited in line until they got to Kim's signing table and then began to shout hings like, "Shame on you for supporting the fur industry" while holding posters of Kim wearing fur with the word "selfish" ironically written in red, blood-like ink. Kim, of course, kept calm during the signing even though things like, "Can you make it out to all animals that have been tortured?" were being screamed into her ears by the activists. Props to Kim for keeping cool because those people were getting pretty aggressive.

In the Complex video, a man said Kim should be ashamed of herself for wearing "the skin of tortured animals." The video also got some good (and also sometimes hilarious) footage of the protestors and Kim's fans. There's a moment when one fan thought a fur sale was going on when they saw the anti-fur activists protesting. Whether they were there to protest or to really get their book signed by Kim, they all had to line up outside for more than 15 hours for the signing — talk about dedication!

Even though Kim wasn't even wearing fur at this event, the protestors stayed outside of the Barnes & Noble and made sure fans knew she had worn fur before and even mentioned North had also been seen in fur. One protester said, "She has the nerve to put the skins of tortured animals on her innocent daughter. With a mother like Kim I feel bad for that child."

You can watch a video of the protestors inside Barnes & Noble below and other footage of the Selfish signing over at Complex.

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Images: Complex/YouTube