The Wedding You Always Dreamed Of

The 'NSYNC member with the most frequently confusing facial hair is off the market, ladies and gents. That's right; Chris Kirkpatrick is now married. And who ushered the wedding? Oh, that'd just be the entirety of 'NSYNC. Picture it: 'NSYNC all dressed up in monkey suits (no matching camouflage or sequins in sight — probably), ushering all the vaguely less fancy guests to their seats. Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone were all there with bells on (probably not literally), which is nice and sweet and would probably make a great SNL sketch.

The wedding itself was between ex-'NSYNC-er Chris Kirkpatrick and girlfriend Karly Skladany, a blissfully normal woman who works as a marketing rep and has probably never worn matching denim suits with a group of friends on a red carpet.

A twist to the story is that Kirkpatrick was actually not invited to Justin Timberlake's wedding to Jessica Biel last year, which makes us sad. But hey, maybe Timberlake was worried Kirkpatrick's magnificent facial hair would steal his spotlight.

Still, not getting invited to Timberlake's bash didn't get in the way of Kirkpatrick forgiving his boy band brethren and welcoming him into his own wedding. And you know some of Skladany's cousins from the flyover states will spend the next five years talking about how they were ushered to their seats by Timberlake.