Net-A-Porter Is Launching A Social Media App

One of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world is expanding its brand (again.) Online fashion powerhouse Net-A-Porter is launching a social media app, and it promises to be just as high-end and swank as we'd expect. You can never have too many shopping apps, right?

The app, called The Net Set, is a little like Instagram meets LikeToKnow.It. Users have a list of admirers and admiring (AKA next-level followers/following) and can upload photos, just like Insta. Unlike Insta, though, when you upload photos, Net-A-Porter will use its image recognition software to present you with similar items in their inventory. Love a pair of shoes you spot on the cool girl at the bar? Sneakily take a pic and the site will find something similar (I'm not above it.) It works with non-clothing items, too — according to Quartz, uploading a pic of that unreal sunset will generate a piece that goes along with it.

Vogue reports that you'll also be able to follow "style tribes" like Rock Chic, The Bohemians, and Black is the New Black (duh) that'll show you pieces that match the theme, plus you can create your own.

Of course, this is Net-A-Porter, so you know that the items it comes up with won't be cheap. If you're willing to splurge a little, though (treat yo self!) you can make in-app purchases.

The Net Set will be released on the iTunes App Store on May 13 (sorry, Android users — no word on a release date yet, but rest assured, it'll come.) I'll be downloading just to see what it's all about — has anything to come out of the Net-A-Porter brand been sub-par? I didn't think so.

Image: netaporter/Instagram; ELLEmagazine, huhmagazine/Twitter