Not 'The Mindy Project'!

Nooo, say it isn't so! According to reports from EW and TVLine, Fox has reportedly canceled The Mindy Project after three seasons, following lackluster ratings. Though Fox has not officially commented on the cancellation, EW reported that they "learned" the news. Honestly, it's difficult for me to even know how to react at a time like this — it's like, the sadness is just so great, all I can do is stare at the wall in front of me and think, in a shrill tone, "why to bad things happen to good shows?!"

Unfortunately, though, questioning the news won't change the fact that it's being reported. For fans, it may not even be much of a surprise: The show has been named as "on the bubble" by publications like The Hollywood Reporter for a while now, and we've seen low ratings win over fan enthusiasm time and time again (*cough* Veronica Mars *cough*).

Still, this is devastating news, because The Mindy Project was really a special kind of show: Not only was it a female-led comedy — something that's not seen often at all — but it also starred a woman of color. In terms of television shows often seen on television, The Mindy Project was basically a unicorn.

But, at least it seems like this news could have a slight silver lining: according to Deadline, Hulu may be looking to pick up the series for two more seasons because, as the site says, the show "always felt like a show that would be better suited for a digital platform." Though the details about this rumored possibility are just about as slim as news of this show's possible cancellation currently are, EW reports that Hulu already owns all the rights to The Mindy Project's previous episodes, and that they're "currently in talks" to produce more.

While nothing is for certain, it's definitely a bit of good news to balance out this terrible news — and definitely makes my tears from looking at The Mindy Project GIFs lessen just a little bit.

Images: Fox; Giphy