'Shark Tank's Sunscreen Mist Stations Are Available Now For Lucky Sunbathers Through Out The World

I still think one of the best modern inventions we have is spray-on sunscreen. It doesn't clump up or leave weird white streaks on your skin, and you don't have to ask anyone to awkwardly help you put it on. But the folks at Sunscreen Mist, making their Shark Tank debut on Friday night, have turned spray-on canisters into full-on sunscreen stations. They ensure that you'll never forget your sunscreen and have to buy a really, really overpriced tube wherever you are.

Sunscreen Mist launched in 2010 and already has already found some success, being placed at the MGM Grand-Producer’s Pool in Las Vegas, Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, the Michigan-based event the Woodward Dream Cruise, two parks in Seminole County in Florida, and many more locations around the world, according to the product's website. At the Florida parks, the Sunscreen Mist booths sell 10 seconds of SPF 30 for $2, which the company told WFTV is enough time to cover exposed skin. But will the Sharks bite when it comes to this ingenious idea that could make forgetting your sunscreen a problem of the past? We shall see, but it's seems like a great idea on the surface.

Here's what else you need to know before you — and the Sharks — decide whether or not to invest in Sunscreen Mist stations.

The Founder

Tony Fayne founded Sunscreen Mist after a friend of his was diagnosed with skin cancer. "I experienced how life changing this disease can be, not only for the patient, but also for friends and family. It's a difficult process that too many people have to go through," he said in a statement. "I knew there had to be a way to increase sun protection behaviors by making sunscreen application easier and access greater, and that is how this concept was born."

Types Of Stations

Sunscreen Mist on YouTube

According to the Sunscreen Mist website, its machines come in three different varieties: Single station (with a handle for easy application), dual station (like the single, but with two different lotions), and a booth (imagine a TSA full body scan meets a car wash, but instead it evenly covers you in sunscreen). They take credit cards and cash.

Available Mists

Sunscreen Mist on YouTube

There's more than your usual SPF 30 available on Sunscreen Mist stations, according to the vendor website. You can choose from SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, Cooling Aloe Mist, Tan Accelerator Mist, and Insect Accelerator Mist.

How Can You Get One?

If you feel like you're ready to set up your own Sunscreen Mist station, you can become an exclusive distributor by contacting the company through their website. There's also a revenue calculator, where you can figure out how many mists per day can make all your dreams come true.

It looks like the Sharks will have a lot of numbers to crunch before making a decision about Sunscreen Mist.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC (2)