Ellen DeGeneres X Gap Kids Wants To Empower Girls

The concept of "Girl Power" didn't die when Spice Girl Victoria Beckham decided that she'd rather be a fashion designer than an international pop star. In fact, the notion is being dusted off and is getting a modern and millennial boost. That beloved talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is partnering with Gap Kids for a unique and pretty groundbreaking collab that is designed to empower girls!

Ellen, who rocks pants and sneakers like nobody's business, and adds an air of class and unique style to tailored menswear, is launching the ED brand this summer, with the Gap Kids x ED apparel range to follow, landing in stores and online on August 17, which is the height of back to school shopping. [Insert grade school groans here!]

Ellen x Gap Kids is being labeled "an apparel collection and social movement... designed to help all girls realize they have the power to do extraordinary things."

That's a pretty important initiative that I can totally get down with. How does the brand plan to do that? Well, I have faith in Ellen. Details are a bit scarce right now, but the potential?! Well, that's off the charts.

Still, here's everything we know so far and what we hope to see as a result of this partnership.

1. August 17

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Mark your calendars for August 17th, since that is when the items will be available. All Gap Kids stores in the U.S. will sell the pieces, along with some in Canada, the UK, China, and Japan.

2. Inspiration

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DeGeneres hopes the range will inspire and "encourage young girls to pursue their passion, whether it's math, science, sports or the arts," according to WWD. She even joked, "Following my passion allowed me to be exactly who I am today — a talk show host with a vibrant side business as a party mime." Oh Ellen! Could she be any more adorbs and inspiring?

3. Endless Possibilities

Since we only know that the range will seek to empower girls and land in August, I am intrigued about the possibilities of what ED x GK could end up being. Taking cues from Ellen's statements about all passions being supported, including academics, I am hoping that the pieces go beyond t-shirts with catchy phrase slogans or equations on them.

What about a deeper element, like clothing tags that are informative and that boast female-focused career stats, which inspire girls to become things like paleontologists or expose them to areas of interest to which they may not have been previously privvy? Rad, right?

And what about bracelets with inspiring quotes from game-changing women who knew that being well-behaved means rarely making history, er, herstory? Girls could trade them, too.

I'd also love it if the partnership boasted a thriving, vibrant online community where girls can exchange ideas and develop symbiotic friendships, too. It's about apparel and lifestyle!

With her talk show, Ellen certainly has a built-in audience to promote the brand. I can even envision a mini fashion show during a mid-week episode.

So many possibilities!

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