13 Harry Potter Rings Only The Most Magical Fans Will Appreciate

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So you consider yourself to be a Harry Potter fan. As every real Harry Potter fan knows, however, you're not truly obsessed until you own several Harry Potter-themed items. Maybe you have a Slytherin sweatshirt, a dorky wand, or a red and gold Gryffindor scarf. Most of these items don't work well in most non-casual settings however, such as at work or school, or really anywhere you need to be taken seriously.

That's where Harry Potter-themed jewelry comes in. You might be surprised to find how many gorgeous rings are out there paying homage to the magical world that J. K. Rowling created. Whether you're willing to proudly shout your love for Quidditch from the rooftops or you prefer to keep your obsession hidden in plain sight, there's a Harry Potter-inspired ring here for you.

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