Proof That Drake Really Is Nice

For better or for worse, Drake is known as being the "nice guy" in today's modern rap game. With all his sensitive tunes like "Hold On, We're Going Home" and sweet quotes about his mom, it's not hard to see why. But some people might be skeptical about whether he is actually nice, or if he is putting on a front to make sales or impress girls. Well, wonder no more! It looks like we might finally have proof of Drake actually being nice. It comes from Fetty Wap, who was a relatively unknown artist until Drake asked him to remix "My Way" — very politely. Fetty Wap told The Fader,

The thing I respect about Drake the most is that he’s not one of them artists that take his status and just do what he want with it. He has the status to just do anybody’s track, if he really wants to. I’m just a nobody compared to Drake, and he still actually asked me, "Is it cool if I do a remix?" And even the way he said it — more like, "Can I bless it?" He was thanking me for putting him on the remix, and I’m trying to tell him like, "No, thank you. You don’t understand what you’re doing for me."

It's definitely a big deal that Drake contacted Fetty Wap directly, rather than going through others to get approval for the track. And it's impressive that despite his fame he is still able to recognize good work when he sees it. On top of that, he wants to add to it and contribute to it, rather than claim it for his own or bash it, like someone of his status could. Of course, Fetty Wap is not the only one to publicly show appreciation to Drake and his kindness.

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Rapper A$AP Rocky is another artist who has talked about Drake and the selfless help that he offered him when he was first starting out. In a 2013 radio interview, A$AP Rocky said, "The only person that put on for me when I didn't have nobody was Drake. I'm talking about, Drake was the first person to put on, like, before anybody." He added, "I forever owe Drake." It's worth mentioning that Drake took A$AP Rocky on tour with him back in 2011 and also brought him out for a surprise performance during New York Fashion Week. So it's clear that Drake really went above and beyond here.

Rapper Lil Twist is another artist who has given props to Drake for helping him out through the hard times. In 2012, he talked with MTV News about how Drake helped him overcome stress when his album kept getting delayed. He said,

Drake went through everything as far as being a new artist and on the same label, seeing how everything went down. So he was just letting me know what was going to go down, how I need to go about it and just how to overcome the stress that I was feeling coming out with this album.

How thoughtful! So the next time an artist talks about how Drake was there for him or her during the struggle, don't be surprised. Some people really are nice in this world. And Drake (thankfully) happens to be one of them!

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