If 'The Mindy Project' Heads To Hulu, Here Are 8 Things We Absolutely Need To See

Fellow devotees of The Mindy Project, prepare to pry yourselves off the floor. I come to you with some potentially fantastic news. Though Fox has cancelled The Mindy Project , the show's producer is in talks with Hulu for a two-season pick up. The show was cancelled for not-so stellar on air ratings; however, it has always done well on digital platforms, including online streaming and social media. Pop culture in general has embraced Mindy with open arms. I mean how could it not? Mindy Kaling is a comedic genius and brilliant writer. For the past three years, we've watched romantically challenged OBGYN Mindy Lahiri attempt to balance her work and personal life. Just when it seemed like she would be getting her happily ever after, boom, cancellation. Hulu absolutely must come and rescue us from the depths of our despair.

Streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime have been upping their game as an alternative to cable television and to our old faithful, Netflix. I rarely watch any of my beloved television shows in real-time anymore simply because I don't have the time. Series that have found homes on streaming services often have a bit more leeway than those on network television. Original programming like Netflix's Orange Is the New Black and Amazon's Transparent have certainly thrived. Likewise, shows that had previously been on networks that have graduated to streaming — like Yahoo's Community — seem to be thriving.

Free of rating pressures and having the potential to reach an even larger audience, The Mindy Project could be unstoppable on the Internet. Here are eight things we might see if the show ends up on Hulu.

1. More Brilliant Feminism


Mindy Lahiri is a strong female character, and her quotes on female equality and sexuality are brilliant. At a time when there is so much discussion surrounding the sexism that has continually plagued Hollywood, Mindy's voice needs to be heard loud and clear.

2. Dirty Talk


The Mindy Project was never afraid to go there. This past season, not only did Danny stumble upon Mindy's battery operated boyfriend, the duo also got into a disagreement about anal sex. Mindy and Danny's sex life also included a ton of sexting, which we had the opportunity to see. Since streaming services don't have the same restrictions as network television, the sex talk could possibly get even filthier.

3. Beyoncé Pad-Thai Jr.


Mindy is finally getting the family that she always wanted. She's pregnant with Danny's child, and we absolutely MUST see her journey to motherhood. Also, we need to know if Beyoncé Pad-Thai Jr. is a boy or a girl. Hulu please save us! We can't be left hanging like this.

4. More Rom-Com References


The pilot episode of The Mindy Project opens with our favorite OBGYN screaming "I am Sandra Bullock" while riding a bicycle down a road. An avid lover of romantic comedies myself, it's thrilling to spot all of the references to this genre in Mindy episodes. The show has paid homage to everything from Sleepless in Seattle to You've Got Mail, but there are so many more rom-coms that need to be tied in.

5. Danny's Sexy Moves

Emmannie on YouTube

Chris Messina, who plays Mindy's beau Danny Castellano on the show, has amazing dancing skills. From his precise choreography to Aaliyah's "Try Again" to his sultry strip tease to Lenny Kravitz's "American Woman," we must see more of his delectable moves.

6. Body Positivity


Mindy Kaling really shattered the mold with her starring role on The Mindy Project. She isn't just a woman of color, but she also isn't a size two, neither of which seems to be the norm for network television. On Hulu, body love and positivity could be explored even further.

7. More Sensational Outfits From Mindy


From her vibrant prints to her Chanel bags. Mindy Lahiri's wardrobe is exquisite. I'm all for loud colors and patterns, and she wears them with such ease. Since Mindy is currently preggers on the series, a move to Hulu could mean a showcase of epic maternity style.

8. Perfect References to Pop Culture


Mindy Lahiri isn't afraid to own up to her flaws. She once declared that she cared very little about the environment, but she loved pop-culture. The pop culture references on the show are written in flawlessly. From Scandal to Empire, Mindy Kaling is a brilliant writer who is always aware of what's happening in entertainment. The Mindy Project on Hulu needs to see a bunch more of these nods.

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