Pamela Anderson's NYC Marathon Time, and 4 Other Celebrities Who Ran

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While you were spending your Sunday laying in bed, recovering from Halloween festivities and eating an embarrassing number of leftover Kit Kats, more than 50,000 other people were running 26.2 long, hot miles across the five boroughs of New York City, only resting for water, bathrooms, or medical support. Among these insane — I mean, brave — individuals were a number of celebrities, many of whom participated in the annual event to raise funds for important charitable causes. It's a hugely respectable thing to do, and we're very impressed by all those, celebrity or not, who took the time and effort to run a marathon, all in the name of charity.

From Pamela Anderson to Patrick Wilson, here are the finishing times for five celebs who gave up their Sundays and worked hard for months to earn a spot in one of the largest and most respected marathons in the world. Why? Don't ask us — if we were them, we would've been just as happy taking the lazy route and writing a check. But we have to give these celebs credit for putting in the time and sweating it out, even it does make our fifth Reese's Cup in as many hours seem just a little bit guiltier.

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