YouTuber 'Superwoman' Is #SorryNotSorry For Wearing Makeup In Her Latest Spot-On Video — VIDEO

Youtube vlogger Lilly "Superwoman" Singh is notorious for her comedy videos about everyday life situations, including things like "Why Hotels Are Stressful!" and "Types of People on Snapchat." Her latest work, called "I'm NOT Sorry," although a departure from her usual humor, brings up some important points about positive self-image.

In the video, which shows Singh dressed in a hoodie without any makeup on, she discusses her busy day full of meetings, and how she didn't have any time to get ready as she usually would. This is a situation we've all come across at one point or another, since there is just never enough time in the day to get it all done. She goes on to say that she found herself texting an apology to the people she was meeting with, saying "just a heads up, I look like a mess, sorry, don't judge me."

After some thought, she realizes that she has actually just apologized to people for not wearing any makeup — say what now?

"Since when do I have to apologize for looking like myself? And since when is looking like myself considered a mess?" These are the words that stuck with me, because I totally see what she is saying. I usually do sort of feel like a mess when I don't have products on my face, but should we really feel obligated to wear makeup in order to look put together? I don't think so.


Lilly continues to say that she truly does love makeup and that it indeed gives her a sense of confidence, but that women shouldn't feel that they have to wear it in order to be taken seriously. Makeup should be a choice, not an obligation. Personally, I love experimenting with makeup, its sort of a hobby of mine. But I do agree that we shouldn't feel ashamed to go au naturel whenever we damn please.

While I do believe it's super important to put your best face forward in certain professional situations, like a job interview for example, there is clearly a double standard here. Men are never expected to wear makeup in the name of looking "professional," so women shouldn't be judged harshly for skipping the foundation.

Check out the full video below.

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