4 Things You Should Actually Wait 72 Hours Before Doing (And No, Oklahoma, Abortion Isn't One Of Them)

There are plenty of things you should wait 72 hours before doing. Getting an abortion is not one of them. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill into law Thursday tripling the state's waiting time for an abortion in Oklahoma to 72 hours. Women in the state seeking an abortion now have to wait three whole days before they can have the procedure, making it more difficult for women to get the care they need. Oklahoma became the 27th state with a waiting period on the books and joined the ranks of Missouri, Utah, and South Dakota who all have the 72 hour laws.

Having to legally wait three days before obtaining medical care diminishes doctors' and women's abilities to decide what's best for their patients and themselves. Oklahoma's waiting period is meant to "help women get the information they need before making a decision they can’t take back," according to a statement from Fallin, but there are tons of things we don't have to wait days before doing — life choices that we don't get helped through by trained doctors, like someone does with an abortion. Here are some things we should wait 72 hours before doing, getting an abortion not included.

Getting Married

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Deciding who to marry requires a lot of thought since you're committing to spending the rest of your life with another person. While drunken weddings in Vegas make for a great story, giving yourself 72 hours to decide whether you should actually marry someone could save many ill-suited couples from an annulment or divorce down the road.

Getting a Tattoo

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While being spontaneous can lead to cool tattoos, it can also lead to poorly thought out permanent additions to your body. Choosing what to get a tattoo of and which artist you want to do the honors takes time and planning and there are no professionals to help you decide. Seriously — waiting a few days before delving under the needle could lead to more meaningful and well drawn tattoos.

Choosing a College

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Picking what college to attend can be incredibly daunting, and many high schoolers aren't fully guided through the process of how to make a sound financial, academic, and emotional choice. Taking time to "get the information" is beneficial before making the four-year commitment.

Getting a Boob Job

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It's interesting that so many states have enacted mandatory waiting periods for abortions, while women are free to go under the knife for beauty enhancement procedures, like breast implants, any time they decide to. Even though it's probably a good idea to think on any cosmetic procedure for a little while before having one, you should legally be able to get a cosmetic procedure anytime you want, because it's your body — and the same goes for an abortion.

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