Kathryn Definitely Isn't Cheating On Thomas

As long as there has been Southern Charm on Bravo, there has been drama between Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel. Obviously, as the show's central couple, it's expected, but together they've kind of been a mess since day one. When they weren't being criticized for the huge age difference between them, there was infidelity left and right. I never thought Kathryn and Thomas were right for each other, but then, the big shocker happened when Kathryn revealed that she and Thomas had a baby in the Season 1 finale. Since then, things seemed to be going well, and then there was Season 2. More drama, and more reasons why their relationship was probably better off dead. And now that rumors have come out that Kathryn might have cheated on Thomas, she's officially setting the record straight. Despite what we might see on Southern Charm, Kathryn refuses to tolerate cheating, let alone do it herself.

While talking to People recently, Kathryn talked about the cheating rumors and totally struck them down as false. I'm definitely inclined to believe her, but that just might be my inherent need to take anyone's side over Thomas', who has always rubbed me the wrong way. In the interview, Kathryn said that "cheating is against everything I stand for," but she's not against taking Thomas back eventually. There's a very important reason why she wants their relationship to work out eventually, and her name is Kensington.

And surprisingly enough, things are pretty good between them right now — at least, according to what Kathryn told People.

"We're still taking things day by day. We're getting along right now, which is taking a lot of work, and I'm happy about that, he's happy about that. We're just coasting right now and seeing what happens and how things pan out. I think we're both working on ourselves, and that's what we need to be doing."

Yes. Work on yourselves. Separately. This is a great idea, and I think I speak for everyone who watches Southern Charm and can no longer handle the back and forth between her and Thomas.

Although I definitely think they'd both be happier with people closer to their own age, baby Kensie obviously complicates things, so it's not surprising that she would want to make the relationship work if she could. I'm proud of Kathryn making hard decisions and standing up for herself, though, which can't be easy with someone as wealthy and powerful as Thomas. And if all else fails, she has Kensie — aka the cutest baby ever.

Image: Brianna Stello/Instagram