4 Tips For Making Weeknight Dates Fun, Even If It’s Been The Longest Week Ever

Weeknights can be really stressful for busy couples. After a long day at work, it's hard to put down your email, unwind, and actually talk to one another. And when you finally get around to it, you suddenly realize you're starving and have nothing resembling a meal in your fridge. Time to order delivery? Not so fast. It is possible to cook healthy, delicious meals during the week -- if you play your cards right.

We’ve teamed up with ingredient delivery service Plated to remind you that with just a little help, you can take a short break from your busy week to slow down, hang out with your favorite person, and eat like a Real Adult.

Plated lets you choose chef-designed, foolproof recipes made up of top-quality ingredients. Plan out your week, or sit back and they will surprise you! Your subscription is flexible and you can skip deliveries anytime. And now, Plated is extending a great deal to Bustle readers. Click here to check it out!

Say Cheers

Even if you’re not imbibing, take the time to clink your glasses. A 2010 Harvard study on well-being found that living in the moment actually makes people happier. The physical act of toasting with your partner will bring your brain back to the present and let you focus on what’s important. And once Plated takes your mind off the hassle of cooking, you can focus on the perfect wine pairing.

Make It Rain (With Kindness)

It turns out that one of the key markers of a happy relationship is generosity. According to research by the University of Virginia, “small acts of service” (like doing the dishes when it’s not your night) and making “extra effort to be affectionate” can actually make both partners happier in the relationship. If you really want to impress your mate, cook dinner with the help of Plated. The deliveries come with recipe cards and pre-portioned ingredients, so it won’t take much work to make your partner happy.

Step Away From The Phone

It’s true! Twitter -- and Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook -- can wait. Even though the thought of an unchecked feed may haunt your dreams, giving your partner your full attention at night can actually benefit your relationship. When you both power down for the night, you can get into an actual conversation and enjoy your dinner.

Just Breathe … And Laugh

Want a long, healthy partnership? Don’t sweat the small stuff! Instead of focusing on your stress, laugh with your loved one. A University College of London study from earlier this year found that laughing together can help form bonds and may make people more open to sharing.

So, after you’ve turned off your phone for the night, give your partner’s hand a squeeze, sneak in that extra hug, and sit down at the table for dinner with the help of Plated. You’re welcome!

This piece is sponsored by Plated. Plated is extending a great deal to Bustle readers. Click here to check it out!