So Bieber Had a Bad Day

I don't know about you guys, but when I see the title of Justin Bieber's new song, a few things come to mind: 1) This is kind of the perfect title, since Biebs was hit by a bottle on stage (causing him to hilariously storm off-stage) during a show, and was recently photographed leaving a well-known brothel in Brazil. That is pretty much the definition of a "bad day." 2) It also just makes me think of Daniel Powter's annoying 2005 song "Bad Day," which I had effectively blocked out of my mind until this very moment. Now, it's stuck in my head again, and it's probably going to take another 8 years to get rid of — THANKS, JUSTIN BIEBER. Ugh. Anyway, here, Justin Bieber released a new song called "Bad Day" today, via his #MusicMondays campaign.

Don't expect anything groundbreaking or new from this track — it's literally the same as every other Bieber track we've heard before, with his high-pitched falsetto and lyrics like "Though I didn't think you would let me down that easy/ Oh no, girl/ And I didn't think it was over until you walked away/ Like it was nothin' baby." I wonder how many times Bieber has wailed "girl" in his songs. That's a stat I'm actually interested in seeing.

The cover art for the track is a raincloud with purple rain pouring out of it. Prince reference, or coincidence? You decide!

As for the bottle incident — Bieber was "pelted" in the hand by a water bottle, according to E! , causing him to drop his microphone and "storm off stage" moments later. Is it bad to laugh at this? Maybe they just wanted to make sure he was staying properly hydrated with all those brothels he was visiting!

You can check out the track below, along with an Instagram post of Bieber singing a few lines of his new song a cappella. Go ahead and read the comments on that, if you want a good laugh.