Why Dating A Hillary Clinton Superfan Is Always A Good Idea, Regardless Of Your Party Affiliation

If your swiping thumb is tired from making the rounds on Tinder with no luck, you might be looking for the wrong traits. Consider narrowing your search down using one simple criterion: interested in Hillary Clinton as president. In other words, if they're not backing her as a presidential candidate, then you won't back them as a sex candidate. Political positions aside, there are a bevvy of reasons why you should date a Hillary Clinton supporter that transcend partisanship. That's right, even Republicans, Libertarians, and the completely apolitical would enjoy dating a Hillary supporter.

Yes, I acknowledge that was a bold statement right there. No, this story was not sponsored by a pro-Hillary super PAC. I know you might be a little incredulous right now, but hear me out. These reasons that make Hillary supporters great partners might be based on her political positions, but these positions translate into character traits that would be universally desirable in anyone — regardless of your political party, gender, religion, or background. These Hillary-inspired qualities are not only bipartisan, universally desirable, but also just downright sexy.

Here are seven reasons why anyone should date a Hillary supporter.

1. They'll Be Pro-Women, Obviously

In 1995, Clinton famously said, "Women's rights are human rights." It's indisputable that Clinton is one of the great feminist heroes of our time, and according to a 2007, feminists have better relationships.

2. They'll Save You Money On Utilities

Since Hillary wants to make 25 percent of the U.S.'s electricity supply renewable by 2030, any supporter of hers would be super careful to turn the lights out when they leave the room. If you end up living together, you'll save on your utility bill each month.

3. They'll Have Extensive Knowledge Of Other Cultures

If your new boo followed Hillary's career through her Secretary of State days as she handled our country's foreign affairs, then they probably developed a keen interest and understanding of other cultures and global politics. And knowledge of the world is hot.

4. They Won't Be Snooping Through Your Phone Or Laptop

Last October, Hillary applauded Colorado Senator Mark Udall for his contributions to reforming the NSA surveillance program, and she told Fox News last June, "We have to make some changes in order to secure that privacy, that constitutional right to privacy that Americans are due." So you won't need to worry about any Hillary supporter spying on your calls.

5. They'll Be Reasonable About Weed

Hillary told CNN last year that she wanted to "wait and see" how states adjust to the legalization of marijuana before making a national decision. In a relationship, that might be the best balance to strike: not totally anal about pot-smoking, but not a total stoner either.

6. They'll Treat Everyone Equally And Welcome Diversity

In the year 2015, there are few things less sexy than closed-mindedness and intolerance. Hillary has been clear on two major social issues: marriage equality and racial justice. She is a major proponent of both and any true supporter would be too.

7. They'll Be Great At Texting

It's common knowledge by now that Hillary is a legendary texter, so if your lover takes after her, then they'll probably be pretty savvy with the emojis too. In this modern age, a couple's textual chemistry is very important.

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