'Hart Of Dixie' Officially Canceled, But At Least The Show Ended On A Happy & Positive Note

I'm sad to report that the news is true: Hart of Dixie is canceled after four seasons. After less than stellar ratings and The CW's hesitation to immediately announce any continuation plans, it seemed like this would be another addition to the TV show graveyard. And now it's officially official. (Sorry, if that was way harsh — but the way I see it, it's better if I just rip off the band-aid quickly.)

But hey, even though this news is now official, keep your chins up: At least the show ended on a happy note. Dr. Hart (Rachel Bilson) gave birth to her baby with Wade (Wilson Bethel), she married him, she was officially made partner at her practice, and the show ended with a musical number that included everyone singing into the camera along with the Truit brothers. Seriously, have you ever heard of a series ending more perfect? (Now, if only The CW had said, "I do.")

If you're also thinking that Hart of Dixie is being singled out, that's actually pretty accurate. The CW renewed nine shows, including iZombie for Season 2, Arrow for Season 4, The Flash for Season 2, Supernatural for Season 11, Jane the Virgin for Season 2, Reign for Season 3, The 100 for Season 3, The Originals for Season 3 and The Vampire Diaries for Season 7. iZombie was the latest to be renewed, while the other eight were given the good news back in the winter. Hart of Dixie was the only left in limbo until the network finally decided to put the show and its fans out of their misery.

For actress Jamie King, who played Lemon Breeland on the show, the cancellation wasn't about ratings. She told E! News before the ax officially dropped, she cited a timing issue as the source.

Though she also said ratings were never an issue, let's get real for a sec. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hart of Dixie was struggling with an average of .6 in the 18-to-49 demo and 1.6 million viewers. That's not too great for a CW show, unfortunately, as great a show as it was.

Still, it's an emotional time for fans who now have to say goodbye to Dr. Hart. At the very least, she found love in a hopeless place.

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