15 Signs Your Mother-In-Law Is Your Best Friend

Not every mother-in-law situation reads like Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez in Monster-in-Law. In fact for many women, it fortunately reads the exact opposite! For some of us, our significant other's mother is our BFF. If you're not sure about it, here are just a few of the many signs your mother-in-law is your best friend.

It actually shouldn't be so surprising that a mother-in-law can be a best friend, considering she is the one responsible for raising the spouse of your dreams. Ultimately, a mother-in-law wants her offspring to be happy, so when you marry one of them, you automatically become an essential part of that happiness — and hey, if you are able to have your own relationship with your mom-in-law sans dependence on your spouse... all the better!

Mother-in-laws can be pretty awesome, and if any of these 15 signs holds true for you, you probably already know this. Who says your significant other's mama can't be your BFF? Nobody, and if they did, they were terribly, terribly mistaken. Just take a read through this list, and you will instantly understand why. Happy Mother's Day to all you mother-in-laws — you really are someone who can be depended on.

1. When you hear your spouse talking on the phone with her, you automatically pick up the other receiver and interrupt.

2. You send her a Happy Mother's Day card with no affiliation to your spouse.

3. You have inside jokes that no one else in the family is in on.

4. You feel entirely free to complain about your spouse to her.

5. There is no such thing as TMI between you two, which kind of weirds out her actual kids.

6. You text each other at least once a day (emojis included).

7. She takes your side over your spouse's (a.k.a her offspring's).

8. She lets you borrow things from her closet, and sometimes she gives them to you.

9. She gets you the best birthday/Christmas/random presents.

10. She's your biggest fan, no matter how small the accomplishment.

11. You can use profanities around each other without offending one another.

12. You've got her on speed dial, and she always picks up.

13. She's the best shopping partner you've got.

14. She's the first person you go to for advice on anything.

15. You know that deep down your spouse is slightly jealous of you.

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