Christina Hendricks Explains That She's "Medium Maintenance" And Values Every Minute Of Sleep

Christina Hendrick is undoubtedly one of the small screen's most beautiful women. With her classic Hollywood glamour and bombshell looks, people may assume that her beauty routine is complex, and well, that's just not the case. Christina Hendricks is "medium maintenance," a moniker that she coined when speaking with The Telegraph UK. The star savors every last second of sleep she can get by keeping her beauty ritual somewhat simple, and we definitely feel her there because sleep is bae.

Hendricks may be best known for her portrayal of Mad Men's Joan and her iconic red hair. Well, the star went blond a few months ago, and while she did away with the signature we've come to expect from her, she still looks absolutely stunning. The switch was definitely unexpected, but the gorgeous lady explained the change stating, "After Mad Men I felt it was the right time to change my hair colour. I was red before I was Joan, but it did start to be connected with her. I don't want to say goodbye to her, but I know I need to. A new hair colour is a nice way to have a fresh start."

The star's transition isn't the only fun fact about her gorgeous mane. It's her hair that can sometimes cause her morning beauty routine to run a little over schedule. "I'm medium-maintenance," she says. "I put on makeup before leaving the house, but I can go quite minimal with it. I need half an hour to wake up and get out the door, though if I'm curling my hair I give myself another 20 minutes. I have this timed perfectly to get every last minute of shuteye." There has never been a moment where Christina Hendricks and I have agreed more. A beauty routine is a perfect way to perk you up for the day ahead, but never, ever underestimate the value of sleep.

If you're envious of Hendrick's gorgeous, retro look, she's left us with a couple of her must have beauty items. She uses the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner and Dolce & Gabbana 'Cosmopolitan' lip color are her go to's when getting ready in the morning, and to keep up those gorgeously, newly blond locks, Hendricks uses Nice'n Easy ColorSeal Gloss Conditioner and Permanent Colour Crème in Natural Honey Blonde. So if you're looking to replicate Hendrick's every day look, you've got all the tools you need. In the mean time, I'm going to get my beauty rest like she recommends.

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