Kate Moss Styled Freja Beha Erichsen For 'Vogue' UK's June Issue & Served Serious 70s Glam

She's the poster girl for 90's fashion and one of the most famous super models living and working today. Now, she's taking on another role. For the June issue of British Vogue, Kate Moss styled model Freja Beha Erichsen in Marrakech. The shoot was completely on trend, giving viewers the seventies glam look that is killing it right now. Moss, however, mixed up the shoot by setting it in a decadent, lush setting, and the end result was stunning.

In the June Vogue film for the shoot, Moss and Erichsen can be seen walking to the streets of the city. A long flowing cape and sky high heels are the first glimpse we get of the fashion, and Moss's voice soon comes in over the music. Speaking of the setting, Moss states, "I think Marrakech is really inspiring because of its falling apart beauty. I love it because of its decadence. It's the richness of the colors, gardens and the buildings." Moss goes on to explain that it's the colors of the city that ultimately inspired the wardrobe of the shoot. Erichsen dons a stunning sequined, multicolored jacket at one point in the film that is supremely spectacular.

Marrakech informed Moss' decision to follow the seventies trend that's currently on fire in the fashion world. The model-turned-stylist explains that the decade is her favorite, so it's fairly serendipitous that it's crazy popular this season. The video even features a super cool filter that gives the film a grainy quality found in the movies and television of the decade.

In case you were ever in doubt— but I don't see why you would be— about Kate Moss's talent, you don't have to look any further than her turn as a stylist for the British Vogue. Moss stays completely on trend and gives the Vogue film and shoot a very bohemian quality that is effortless cool but almost untouchably fashionable. She may be one of the most talented models in the industry, but now, she's also joined the ranks of talented stylists.

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Video: British Vogue/Youtube