Don't Say This To Women With Visible Roots

Last summer, a (now ex) boyfriend looked down at my inch of visible roots and casually said, "Oh... you dye your hair?" His disappointed tone didn't sit well with me, and I promptly ended our date that evening. According to most reports, only about two percent of the world's adult population is naturally blonde which means a lot of us are running to the salon every month. Yes, I dye my hair from a dark, dirty blonde to a bright, almost white platinum. I have thick, long hair that grows quickly so I usually have roots showing within a few weeks. Over the last five years, celebrities have rocked the regrowth with pride, and I've learned to do so too. Seriously, visible roots don't bother me, and I'd never comment on a friend's growth, but other people have no such scruples.

My preferred color often leaves my roots looking even darker in comparison, but I actually think the visible regrowth adds depth and makes my eyes look brighter. From personal experience, men especially feel like they can say anything they want about a woman's hair color. I can usually shut the conversation down with a look, but it still amazes me how comfortable people are commenting on it. I'm sorry, I don't remember asking for your professional beauty advice, kind sir. Whether they have blonde highlights, a red base, or are pink all over, here are five things that women who let their roots show are really sick of hearing.


1. "Wow! Your natural hair color is really dark!"

I'm sorry, is there something wrong with natural brunettes?

2. "Are you growing your color out on purpose?"

No, I'm just lazy (and maybe sometimes a little bit broke). Good thing visible roots look amazing on me.

3. "Why aren't you comfortable being yourself?"

I actually went into a state of shock when my ex literally said this after commenting on my roots while we were out at a bar. Seriously? I know exactly who I am, and it just so happens that in addition to being compassionate, shy, funny, smart, and awesome, I'm also a blonde. I'm not hiding anything or lying to myself, I'm just choosing to express who I am with my physical appearance.

4. "Have you ever tried wearing your real color?"

No, I was born with a bottle of hair dye in my hand. Obviously, as a child I had my "real" hair color! Who knows, I might go back to it someday, but right now I love rocking my ombre/strawberry/white/purple style.

5. "Guys prefer low maintenance women."

And I prefer guys who want me to be true to myself! I can't believe that this still needs clarification in 2015, but if some guy doesn't like my hair, well, that's too bad! As long as I love it, that's all that matters!

Images: Frederick J. Brown/Getty Images (1), Giphy (5)