Prince Harry Could Be An Action Movie Star

As if his charm, good looks, and the fact that he's British royalty wasn't enough, Prince Harry now has all the makings of a brave warrior. Since his training with special forces of the Australian military is now complete, we get to see some new photos of him at work. And they are really jaw dropping! Without question though, the best photo is of Prince Harry descending out of a helicopter.

The usually lighthearted prince is seen wearing a serious expression as he prepares to make his grand exit from the aircraft. While Harry holds on to a rope, he scales down, looking like he is on a serious mission — perhaps to make an important rescue. And if anyone is in need of rescuing, it looks like the military thinks he could be the man for the job. He had the chance to work on an anti-terrorist training mission, after all! In an official statement, the Australian Defense Force said Prince Harry "challenged himself against elements of the grueling SASR selection course, including a fitness test and a physical training session with SASR selection candidates."

While hearing about his physical prowess and strength is always nice, the photos released are what is really impressive. And on top of that, another photo was released of him with a cute dog who was at the ready to cuddle with. But first, check out the collection of warrior-ready shots below.

It is safe to say that Prince Harry has now fully won over his fans Down Under, if he hadn't already. Considering the moments he took searching for the perfect presents for his adorable new niece Charlotte and the time he spent playing games with wounded veterans, seeing him in full-on action mode will only further melt his fans' hearts worldwide. After all, he did receive a marriage proposal while he was down there. Though he did share a few kisses with fans here and there, he was able to escape from the proposal, so don't worry ladies, he is not off the market just yet.

In any case, Prince Harry's travels are far from over. Now that his military stint in Australia is over, he is set to embark on a royal tour of New Zealand on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. And if the photos with the fans in Australia are any indication, they are sure to be falling all over themselves for the chance to win a smooch from him there, too! Well, hopefully he has a crafty escape plan for the next (inevitable) proposal.