It's 'Love, Actually's Tenth Anniversary So We Have To Ask: Where Is the Cast Now?

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It's officially November, which means it's getting close to the beginning of winter and Christmas season, or as I like to call it, Time to Watch Love, Actually. Luckily, this holiday season, I don't need an excuse to re-watch the movie for the 1000th time. On November 14, Love, Actually celebrates its tenth anniversary (!), and so I highly doubt I'll be the only one revisiting the comedy over the next few months.

I don't when it began, but sometime long ago, it became tradition for me to watch the Richard Curtis ensemble rom-com as many times as possible during the last few months of each year. There's just something irresistible about Love, Actually that makes me unable to spend a snowy winter weekend without popping in the DVD and reveling in Hugh Grant's dance moves. Over the years, I've managed to rope my friends and family into joining me, and one by one, they've come to realize the perfection that is Love, Actually. Still, I watch it so often that I find myself needing excuses; "it was on TV," I say, hiding the DVD container, or "I just wanted to watch this one scene," when the movie's paused at 80 minutes in. It's kind of embarrassing, but you know what? Totally worth it.

In honor of the occasion, let's take a look back at the people who helped make Love, Actually so special — its stars, whose charming, charismatic performances became the heart of the movie. Many of these actors were already well-known when the film was released, but many more had just begun building the careers that are now some of the best in the industry. Which star won Love, Actually? Let's find out.

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