Maggie Simpson & 10 Other Things The UK General Election Map Looks Like

People like to search for meaning in their worlds. That's what makes us human: our refusal to take things at face value, and our insistence on seeing a deeper truth where sometimes there just isn't one. This tendency is what makes us freak out about things like toast that looks like the Virgin Mary or a rock that appears to have a face. We find comfort in pattern recognition when things don't turn out as we expected. That's why everyone is so excited that the on a map.

Is there significance to the color makeup of the map of this year's General Election results? Of course there is — those colors represent voters' preferences across regions, and according to this year's map, voters have made up their minds. The Scotland National Party is represented by each section of yellow, the Conservative Party by blue, and the Labour Party by red. Though there are some constituencies who voted otherwise, most picked one of the three major parties, and SNP's huge pull is what's making waves. While , keeping David Cameron in office as Prime Minister, .

This development set Scotland apart from the rest of the UK, creating a clear political picture, and one that got people thinking: With a kingdom this segmented, (besides nationality, of course). Though many people have noticed by now that the map's color scheme makes it look like Maggie Simpson took over the UK, the picture reminds me of a few more things, too. It turns out the primary color scheme isn't that rare — and the shape of the UK is surprisingly easy to anthropomorphize.

1. Baby Bunny

When I look at the shape of the UK, all I see is a floppy-eared bunny like this one, standing upright with its ears titled back and its tummy budging out in front. Bonus if the bunny is wearing a blue coat like the bunny that this bunny is carrying. (Whew.)

2. Paddington Bear

Paddington's hat has been red at certain times throughout history, just as the UK has been dominated by the red Labour Party. With the blue coat and yellow hat, though, it's a .

3. Woodstock

It's really the shape of Woodstock's body that makes him look so much like the UK map. Sometimes . You know ? Woodstock lying on the doghouse wearing his blue coat. That would look exactly like the map. It would almost be like a blueprint for the election. Hmm...

4. Bubbles

Bubbles is only one of many popular TV characters, several of them animated, who takes the shape of a blonde, blue-eyed girl dressed in blue. Shockingly, it's not a hard archetype to find. But the surrealism of this GIF and how perfectly it applies to the situation makes her a standout.

5. Birthday Cake Ice Cream

I know this might seem far-fetched, but go with me on this one. You know how birthday cake ice cream is blue for inexplicable reasons? even has little yellow pound cake pieces strewn inside it. Combined with a banana on top and a few cherries mixed in, this deliciously organized sundae is one for the history books.

6. Bubbles Ice Cream

Two in one: Bubbles and celebratory ice cream combine to form what should be the official ice cream of the UK.

7. This Portrait Of Tweety Bird

She doesn't always wear blue, but when she does take a nap with her security blanket, the resemblance is .

8. Minions

There's nothing to see here, just some more yellow people who are happy to be freed from the constraints of their blue coveralls. Ahem.

9. Spongebob

This is admittedly a rather skimpy outfit for a family show, but nonetheless, Spongebob's look here is totally -ready.

10. Sally Brown

Just like Bubbles, Sally is the epitome of cute and clean color coordination. Standing in profile, her hair and tummy protrude just so to form the spitting image of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Images: Giphy (10), The Telegraph (1)