Rihanna Wears Sweatshirt/Poncho Hybrid After The Met Gala, Does Hungover Chic Better Than You

The Met Gala was chock full of glamour, decadence, and wall to wall couture, but, as we all know, a long night of extravagant partying means you're basically asking for a pretty brutal morning after. But when you're fashion queen Rihanna, you can simply rock a blanket as a dress to combat that hangover and somehow look stunningly fabulous. You would think after murdering the Met Gala red carpet and hosting the after party of that night that she would take a break, curl up in bed with some Netflix, and call it a day. But oh no — not this style icon.

Rihanna marched out into the streets of NYC bright and early the day after the Gala, somehow looking fresh-faced and well-rested, rocking the same hairdo as the night before and sporting what can only be described as a sweatshirt poncho/Snuggie hybrid from the brand 6397. Basically, Rihanna just unlocked the secret to hungover style — pile on the statement jewelry and bring the bedsheets with you. Top it off with a chic leather hat to hide any hint of bedhead and pair with some beat-up Timberlands for the ultimate in comfort.

The added bonus of this bed-to-street look? Since your arms are all wrapped up in that sweat-poncho without an armhole in sight, you should be able to easily persuade everyone you meet to lift and carry everything for you.

Leave it to Rihanna to be living the dream, per usual.

Images: 6397_news/Instagram