All Millennials Need This Alarm Clock

by Cecily Trowbridge

Those who have issues with a "normal" sleep schedule understand just what it's like to wake up to an alarm in the morning that might as well be a lullaby. The snooze button is your best friend and you two have at least six rendezvous before you finally drag your butt out of bed. But with Snap Me Up, a new alarm app for Android that requires you take a selfie in order to cease its sound, the game might just be changed. After all, selfies are the token activity of our time, catering to both our inability to disconnect from technology and a level of narcissism that allows people like Kylie Jenner to dominate the world. Snap Me Up has an automatic facial detector, meaning that you technically don't even have to press a button. All you need to do is demonstrate to the app that you're awake enough to hold it in front of your face and it'll trust that you're up and at 'em. Debatable logic because I've full-on texted without realizing I was awake, but perhaps I'm a special case. Sleep is not my friend, and insomnia chases me like a dog in heat, and I can't decide if this is due to womanhood or Millennial culture at large.

One fun aspect of the app is that it saves the selfies that you take in an album it calls "My Sleepy Snaps," review of which may either cause extreme depression or extreme laughter. When I wake up in the morning, there's usually more mascara on my face than actual face. The potential that I see in this feature is that, say you had it for a number of years and used it at least once a week, you'd have a collection of images documenting your life. As in, "Oh yeah, that was the morning after I downed those seven shots and found out Peter wasn't actually gay. Haha." Oh, cringe. But hey, it's up to you as to whether this is a series of memories you'd like to have digital documentation of.

Whether this tech truly works or not, I think it's worth a shot. Sleeplessness and thus an extreme difficulty when it comes to getting up in the morning is a combined struggle that everyone I know has experienced. I don't really trust morning people. Sketchy folk.

You can check out the app by heading to Google Play.

Images: Unsplash; Snap Me Up (1)