Please Watch Benedict Do Chewbacca

If you needed another reason for those little hearts in your eyes that you get when Benedict Cumberbatch is on screen, you're welcome for this: In an appearance on the UK's very funny Graham Norton Show, Benedict Cumberbatch did a Chewbacca impression that was so good, it left even Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, speechless.

Seriously, when I say good, I mean good — Cumberbatch does not screw around when it comes to properly portraying Chewbacca, it seems. And it all looks so effortless too! While discussing character impressions (in reference to his performance as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate), Cumberbatch just pulls off Chewbacca so flawlessly that Harrison Ford's face momentarily lights up like that of a little kid in a candy shop... or something. I don't think I've ever seen Harrison Ford so delighted, actually. It's kind of adorable.

We've gotta ask, now: Does this mean that all those rumors were right, and Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in the new Star Wars: Episode VII movie? If not, someone should definitely make sure to cast him now — surely J.J. Abrams could find use for more Wookiees in the film, right? He certainly found use for more lens flares in Star Trek Into Darkness...