Order Food Straight From Your Google Results

Food delivery options are up there on my list of favorite things in the universe and thus, the fact that Google food delivery is now an option is inciting a small party in my head; little orange chickens are dancing, yellow curry is the DJ and chicken burgers are keeping out the riff raff, as they do.

The service is much simpler than taking the time to peruse outside delivery services such as Seamless or; these services are now supported by the search engine giant, along with Eat24, and BeyondMenu. Just google a restaurant and you can order straight from your pick of whatever results your mobile pulled up. Of course, delivery needs to be an option for that restaurant but the world of Google is a large one and if your first pick isn't available chances are that your second will work out just fine. This is either a very dangerous or a very magical thing. Perhaps both. But I see a few extra gym visits on the horizon.

The fact that these delivery services have garnered the backing of Google is an indication that in-house dining might be losing its steam. We're becoming less social and more focused on staying in with Netflix and gelato. So though it's a bit concerning that these behaviors are becoming easier and easier the more services like these come to prominence, it's also the way that our world is evolving. Dining out will become less of an occurrence (let alone a necessity) as our lack of desire to leave home is catered to in a very real way.

I might be playing into the antisocial nature of this new miraculous option entirely but it can be weird to call a restaurant and place an order. Sometimes they're busy, often times they mishear you or get an order or a phone number completely wrong. Digitally facilitated food delivery means that (depending on your typing ability) mistakes are likely to be fewer and farther between. Most services like those listed above also provide you an email receipt and a real-time update on the status of your order, a far leap from the waiting game that delivery used to mean.

For now, I'll be taking wholehearted advantage of this new function but once the guy from Thai Palace starts calling me by name maybe I'll calm down a bit.

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