8 Thomas Ravenel Campaign Slogans That Could Have Helped The 'Southern Charm' Star's Bid For Senate — Well, Almost

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I'm not saying I know everything there is to know about politics, but I do know how to win a high school class council campaign with a catchy slogan. So basically I know everything there is to know about politics. When Thomas Ravenel, of Southern Charm, announced he was running for United States Senate of South Carolina, I was ready to be hit with a slogan that would actually leave me considering a vote for T-Rav (if I lived in South Carolina). Unfortunately, Thomas didn’t have a slogan (or if he did, it wasn’t good enough for anyone to know about).

If he did have a slogan — that was as catchy as the eight following slogans I’ve whipped up for his next dabble with politics — he surely would have won the race. OK, maybe he wouldn’t have won, but he would have earned more than 3.9 percent of the votes. Here are eight slogans T-Rav can use next time — free of charge (because he probably spent the majority of his own money on this most recent political adventure) — he enters the political arena.

Image: Ravenel for Senate/YouTube

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