Adorn By Emi-Jay Hair Accessories Are Gorgeous, And You'll Never Guess How Young The Designers Are

If anything has been making a comeback in a major way these past few years, it's hair accessories. If you're still searching for your go-to cocktail party headband or music festival topper, look no further than Adorn by Emi-Jay — the new line of luxe hair accessories from the Emi-Jay brand, which was created several years ago by an ultra-talented pair of then-14-year-olds. Yup, you heard me right.

Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark started out as just two teenage trendsetters back in 2009, when they created the hair accessories brand, Emi-Jay. At 14, I couldn't even get myself up for school on time, but these girls were raking in the bucks, doling out cute, unique ponytail holders, and even donating 20 percent of their proceeds to Children's Hospital of LA (a practice the company still continues). Today, Emily and Julianne are college students and eons ahead of their classmates with a wildly successful company under their chic belts. And now, with the addition of this new, higher-end line, they're likely to be reaching a whole new demographic of fans.

The new collection, Adorn by Emi-Jay, features charming little pieces, like pearl-embellished bobby pins, leather and crystal headbands, floral fabric hair clips, and other sparkly accessories for a line that's full of glided gorgeousness that will soon be available on

I just can't get over how adorable these hair bobbles are... or how old Matson and Goldmark were when they founded the company, for that matter. But they aren't the only ones who jumped into the fashion industry at a crazy young age. Check out these other tweens and teens whose fashion sense goes way beyond Gap Kids.

1. Bella Weems of Origami Owl

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All 14-year-old Bella wanted was a car for her sixteenth birthday like thousands of other teens. So, she started saving by creating a DIY locket necklace that customers can build and design themselves. Five years later, and her jewelry design business, Origami Owl, is worth $250 MILLION according to Forbes.

2. Isabella Rose Taylor

Thousands of designers dream of the chance to show their line at NYFW. Only a handful do and you could probably count one hand how many managed to accomplish that goal before they're even allowed to drive. Isabella Rose Taylor made her NYFW debut at 13. THIRTEEN! What were you doing when you were in middle school, because I'm pretty sure it wasn't signing to have your designs sold on

3. Kira Plastinina


Kira was only 16 when she launched her namesake fashion line and began opening what would eventually total 120 stores. Today, Kira is 22 and has recently released a new higher-end designer collection, Lublu.

4. Cecilia Cassini

Katy Winn/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cecilia got her first sewing machine at age six, before debuting her own celeb-loved line at Fred Segal stores at 14.

5. Melissa Jade Aiello

Melissa has been drawing famous fashion folk like Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour since she was nine-years-old and launched her t-shirt line, Missy X, which features celebs' likenesses, at the request of her customers. "I said no to Justin Bieber because they're cheesy," she told UK Vogue. Oh, snap!

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