25 Plus-Size Winterwear Pieces to Get You Through the Season

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Are you starting to crave hot chocolate and evenings by the fire? Well, I definitely am — and that can only mean one thing: Winter is here (groans). I know that's not something we usually want to hear, but with the changing of the seasons comes more than just snow and gingerbread lattes (not complaining about the lattes). It's finally time for cozy sweaters, thermal socks, boots and... more boots.

I love dressing in layers and playing around with winter patterns and colors, so when November comes around every year, I can't help but get a little excited (despite that I am dreading the below 30-degree temperatures). And as more and more brands and e-commerce sites incorporate sizes 12+, we plus-size women get more and more options for staying warm and cute during the chilly months ahead.

What follows are a handpicked selection of winter essentials that you'll want to crawl into now — and stay in all season. You've got all your boxes checked from outer layers to the coziest dresses to form-hugging leggings, all in styles made just for the silhouettes that flatter us, thank you very much. The pieces are a little bit trendy, a little bit timeless, and a whole lot affordable. Tell your Pinterest board and your wallet I say "You're very welcome."

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