Danielle Brooks From 'OITNB' Poses For Glamour

The one thing about summer that I'm not quite ready for yet is the swimsuits. But OITNB's Danielle Brooks posed in a swimsuit for Glamour and boy, did she make it look easier than ever. Otherwise known as Tastyee, Brooks wrote a personal essay for the magazine on how becoming famous changed the way she felt about her body, for the better. And to go along with the article was one hot photo of her in a strappy black swimsuit.

After making a name for herself in Hollywood, Brooks recognized how she was surrounded by actresses, and how "actresses don't look like other people." And there's no shade behind that one. Instead, it just gave her another reason to love herself. With the average woman being between size 12 to 14, Brooks just saw Hollywood as being abnormal, but not necessarily wrong. And once she recognized this, she began to love herself a lot more than ever before.

All of this happiness can definitely be seen in her face, as she shines in this black one-piece swimsuit with sleeves, slashes, and so much sexiness. She vowed to change her own perspective, for the little girl that she once was. In her essay, she wrote:

"Embracing who I am by refusing to hide my legs or or cover my arms because they make someone else feel uncomfortable. By realizing that every stretch mark on my body is kissed by the sun, and no longer wishing them away. By no longer operating out of a place of fear. So if you see me on a carpet with my arms and legs out glistening, or my midriff exposed, it’s a reminder to myself and the world that I know I’m beautiful."

I found Brooks' essay to be extremely liberating. I mean, I can't help but agree that actresses aren't like other people. And I agree with Brooks; I'm not saying that there is something wrong with them. It's just not accurate to compare yourself to actresses because their bodies don't look like ours. I think this is something that 12-year-old me would've benefitted from knowing. So hopefully this knowledge spreads, like wildfire, to everyone out there "wishing away" their personal perfections. Thank you, Tastyee.