Albus Dumbledore or a Greek Philosopher: Who Do These Quotes Really Belong To?

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Calling all Harry Potter fans and Classics nerds! It's no secret that growing up we got some of our most valuable life lessons from Hogwarts' most beloved headmaster. Dumbledore taught us about courage, friendship, and not to worry about what they do to you as long they don't take you off the Chocolate Frog Cards. His advice is so good I'd say it easily stacks up to the fathers of Western Civilization, the Ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

But tack a kindly "Harry" to the end of quotes from those same philosophers, it kind of sounds a lot like something Dumbledore would say. So here's your chance to prove yourselves, Potter fans. Who's really responsible for these 15 quotes?

Image: Warner Bros.

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